About Us


Ice-cream is one of the most popular desserts world-wide and real ice-cream is very rare to find while most of them are commercialised. Hawte is amongst the few brands that offer real ice-creams which consist of ingredients that can be pronounced by everyone, even small children.

At Hawte we excel in the art of gourmet slow-churned ice-creams. The art of slow churned ice-creams has been developed by us over a period of 7 years using the finest produce, organic dairy supplies, just the right taste profile and moreover avoiding all the needless additives, chemicals and artificial flavors. We use only those ingredients that your kids can pronounce!

In this process we ensure that each batch of ice-cream is slowly churned with sheer care and love and that every box of ice-cream is hand packed and examined to maintain that top notch quality.

“While the others are slowly changing to commercialise we are SLOWLY CHURNING the real ice-creams”


Our Vision

  1. Creating traditions of warmth, belongingness, fair trade and efficient hospitality
  2. Characterize our mission with trust, positivity, dignity and respect
  3. Being that one place for people to connect
  4. Progressing positively and delivering the best results that we promise at all times
  5. Creating a sense of healthy eating – by developing perfect scoops of healthy low fat ice-creams & confectioneries.

Our Mission

Hawte’s Brand Mission is to create a legacy by joining hands with our investors to create the most exquisite kind of sweetness, Hawteness and novelty in the global markets. Impeccable customer service and satisfaction is the epitome for the success of our brand.

And in everything we do we enterprise transparency, positive results and fairness in trade.

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