Our Story

HAWTE A concept that was developed and operated in New Zealand and now has extended its services to the Indian market.

Hawte specialized in creating and retailing slow churned gourmet ice-creams along with a bouquet of dessert creations. We strive to create Contemporary dessert creations for the Indian food market and retail the same at competitive prices.

The art of slow churned ice-creams has been developed by us over a period of 5 years using the finest produce, organic dairy supplies, just the right taste profile and moreover avoiding all the needless additives, chemical and artificial flavors. We use only those ingredients that your kids can pronounce!

We believe in creating newer concepts and constantly innovating new ideas to ensure the highest rate of customer engagement and loyalty with our brand. Our products include a wide range of ice-creams, thick shakes, freak shakes, Sundae’s, ice-creams sandwiches and many more. We work on a cyclic menu wherein the in-store menu changes with every season. The cyclic menu concept allows us to not only maintain low food costs but also helps us keep our customers wanting to come in for more!

In Today’s commercial food industry, finding the right spot to satisfy your sweet cravings is next to impossible at a good price. At Hawte – ‘Price is what you pay and value is what you get. ‘We welcome our customers to experience Hawteness rather than just buy a scoop of our ice-creams!