Chef Bhargav (Roger) Iyer

CEO & Co-Founder

“We don’t just sell ice-creams, we offer a concept, an experience- called Hawteness”

An experienced chef and the creator and implementer of the concepts designed and developed by Gayatri. He has worked with several fine dine restaurants and hotels in India and New Zealand. Holding 10+ years of experience in ice-creams manufacturing and the hospitality industry, Bhargav holds the confidence to create any dish. His culinary skills have proven to be one of the finest in New Zealand. He holds multiple culinary awards including a silver medal in the International Culinary fair in Auckland- New Zealand.

Bhargav accepts all challenges assigned to him by Gayatri and supports her concepts by delivering the finest quality of desserts. He has worked in almost all positions in the kitchen right from a dishwasher to manning commercial hotel kitchen’s as Head Chef. Bhargav Has gained several years of experience working with great chefs in New Zealand and India. He has also tutored in one of New Zealand’s best culinary school managed by the Intueri Education Group.

His contributions to Hawte and the creations have always proven to be a great success. A fine chef believes in doing justice to fresh produce, usage of pure ingredients, high quality products and smooth operations. Bhargav’s presence in the company ensures that the operations are carried out just like a well-oiled machine, in smooth co-ordination and symphony.

Gayatri Sawe


Gayatri has trained with the guys in the New Zealand market and has achieved just the right skill set that would lead the brand efficiently. She has worked with great chefs and bakers in countries like New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and many more. Her Boundless love for chocolate, organic produce and strict policy of non-usage of artificial ingredients has helped us achieve a great portfolio of products that we offer. She certainly is the driving force and the leader of the brand operationally and her presence will always help us be successful.

She is the one who conceptualizes the creations for the brand. Her expertise comes from her experience, knowledge and skills. A lawyer by profession, an excellent baker and chef by preference and experience, is the driving force for the company to create fast paced innovations and contemporary concepts for the brand. Her ideas and concepts have been highly successful and have created a niche for Hawte in the complex hospitality market. To name a few-the alcohol infused ice-creams that taste just the way it is supposed to be and the 7 scooper game of thrones challenge, have proven to be great success stories for the brand. Both these concepts have not only provided us with unique KPI’s but also have raised the levels of expectations of the customers. To keep up with the pace of the constantly changing culinary world and to keep producing concepts and creations that put us in a winning position, Gayatri’s expertise is of utmost importance.