Our Story


Our Story

Our brand was established in 2015 in Auckland - New Zealand and purely with one intention to, to share our creativity with our Indian folks we migrated to India and established our Brand in the Indian segment in 2017 as Haute Artisan Creations - we started off in a small store in Powai- Mumbai and catered some of the finest quality of ice-creams that our folks in Powai had never experienced. Gradually with the immense love and support that we received from our loyal customers we expanded our flavor inventory from 7 flavors to 25 flavors.

Having worked for over 15 hours a day and experimenting with just ice-creams we ensured that our product not only was sweet treat after dinner but also was a wholesome dessert that could replace a meal. Our efforts and patience paid off - Buzzfeed India covered us in a video advertisement and our brand went viral on social media. Looking at our innovative creations we got featured in newspapers - Thanks to Mid-day and Loksatta

Now- we were not just selling ice-creams we started connecting people through ice-creams. Our dream of being the finest ice-cream manufacturer and retailer in Mumbai started to take shape. Bigger and well established ice-cream brands started following us on social media - some even tried to copy us and some even stole our ideas - We knew we were growing and doing the right thing! - but our customers knew the difference between them and us. We realized that it was time to expand - We opened our second outlet in Hiranandani Meadows -Thane and re-branded to Hawte Ice-creams.

With new stores operational we have new products too - Now ice-creams, milkshakes "Pauwa" | Doughnut burgers and many more... are also a part of our menu

Fun Facts

  1. The total number of scoops that we have sold till date can be used to build an overhead bridge from Powai to Thane - Our Scoops do connect communities
  2. Our liquor infused ice-creams have no liquor at all :) 'It's all about the flavor and none about the hangover'
  3. We have a total inventory of 350+ flavors
  4. Our ice-creams can be consumed by type-1 diabetics without any regrets
  5. We manufacture everything - Right from the sugar to flavors to the ice-cream itself
  6. It takes 50 licks to finish a commercial scoop of ice-cream. A scoop of Hawte needs only 32 licks - "Real milk ice-cream melts faster"
  7. There are no added fats, preservatives, colors or artificial sweeteners in our ice-creams
  8. We sell about 2000 tubs of Brownie Fudge ice-cream annually
  9. Our Game of Thrones - 7 scooper ice-cream was eaten in just 3.24 minutes
  10. We created the Charcoal Black ice-cream first in Mumbai
  11. 11.We sold 9800 Liters of Red Velvet Cheesecake in the first year of its launch And our story continues .....

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