Why Hawte?

The difference between regular ice-creams and Hawte’s slow churned ice-creams is that slow-churned ice cream contains less than half the amount of fat and one-third the calories of commercially available ice-creams.

“This is not just a business, but also a way of life which conforms to an idea of what we eat is what we are".

The world is leaning towards a healthier lifestyle and we ensure that our ice-creams are healthy.

We make our ice-creams with only real ingredients using real milk, sugar and flavours - fruit and the finest quality of chocolates. Our ice-creams are preservative and chemical- free. We use real fruits to make our own flavours as opposed to ready-made flavours that are available in the market that contain only a small amount of fruit and the rest is all artificial government approved flavouring agents. We have always believed in serving our customers genuine and natural flavours. Along with the flavours the most important ingredient Passion!

For us it’s not just ice-cream it’s “Hawte.” Quality and flavour is of utmost importance to us. We have strict quality control standards for each and every batch of ice-cream that we make.

No matter what the occasion you think dessert, you think Hawte! We aim to provide a memorable experience for all our customers. We have would like to appreciate all our customers especially all our loyal customers for their continuous love and patronage. Making you happy makes us happy!

‘We don’t just sell ice-creams, we offer a concept; an experience- called Hawteness’

It’s never a just a scoop of ice-cream. All our ice-creams are garnished with paired toppings that compliment the flavor of our ice-creams at no additional cost. Why spend the same amount of money at other ice-creams parlors for a boring old scoop of ice-cream when you can get a lot more at Hawte? A beautiful healthy ice-cream with all the garnishes and a good picture for your Instagram accounts (that’s if you can resist long enough to click a picture!) all under ₹100/- We also can make ice-cream shakes and donut burgers with any ice-cream you choose.


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